34 million adult Brazilians have already lost 13 teeth or more, indicates IBGE

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According to official data, of this total, around 19 million earn up to one minimum wage per month.

The tooth is a key part of our health, especially the digestive and oral health. We know that the dental arch begins with the so-called “milk” teeth, which fall out until the beginning of adolescence and give way to permanent teeth – which, theoretically, should accompany us throughout the adult phase.

However, there are some factors harmful to oral health that can interfere with the durability of these teeth, causing them to fall out even though they are permanent. As the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE)this happens quite frequently in Brazil, considering that almost 34 million adults have lost 13 or more teeth in their lifetime🇧🇷

The data is from National Health Surveyreleased in 2020, which noted yet another worrying number regarding the oral health of Brazilians: more than 14 million people do not have any permanent teeth🇧🇷

There are different causes for tooth loss, such as bruxism, cavities, gum problems, trauma and more. However, a common condition among most people who have suffered a complete or partial loss of teeth is the social inequality🇧🇷

Of the 14 million who lost all their teeth, according to the IBGE, almost 8 million live on up to one minimum wage. This is the same reality of 19 million people who have lost 13 or more teeth.

affordable dental treatment

Although Brazil is the country with the most dentists in the world, with about 383 thousand professionalsas indicated by the Federal Council of Dentistry (CFO), lack of access to dental care (a consequence of inequality) is one of the main reasons for these alarming numbers.

In response to these statistics, the Oral-B brand, in partnership with the NGO Por 1 Sorriso, will finance more than 4,000 dental appointments for people in vulnerable situations across the country🇧🇷 Various types of procedures will be covered, such as root canals, restorations, prostheses, gum treatments and hygiene guidelines.

Along with the completely free, humane and quality service, products that act in oral hygiene will also be donated. 🇧🇷[…] Our partnership with the NGO Por 1 Sorriso allows us to offer professional treatment to those who live in a precarious situation and do not have the opportunity to receive this care as often as they should”, comments Luis Siqueira, Senior Director of Marketing at Oral-B for P&G Brazil.

The NGO, by the way, has already impacted the smile in more than 20 thousand people, in three different countries. Therefore, having the support of brands like Oral-B gives even more strength to the mission. “With the support of Oral-B we will reach even further, in a greater number of people, which has always been our purpose”, comments Felipe Rossi, president and founder of the NGO Por 1 Sorriso.

How to take care of oral health

In addition to routine appointments with the dentist, you need to maintain some day-to-day care to prevent the emergence of cavities, gingivitis, periodontitis and other problems that can cause tooth loss.

The first step is to brush your teeth three times a day (after main meals) with fluoride toothpaste or gel and floss at least once a day. Another important measure is to change your toothbrush every three or four months, to avoid the accumulation of bacteria between the bristles.

And beware of food: acidic, sugary, caffeinated or excess fat foods can harm oral health. On the other hand, foods rich in calcium, fiber and vitamin D, C and A help strengthen teeth. Therefore, maintaining a balanced diet is also essential for a healthy smile.

These attitudes, however, are not accessible to everyone. After all, not everyone can buy personal hygiene products or maintain a diet rich in fruits and vegetables.

For this reason, partnerships like the one between Oral-B and the NGO Por 1 Sorriso are increasingly necessary to offer people a better quality of life, especially those who are in a situation of social vulnerability.

To follow the work of the NGO and find out how to be a supporter of this cause, visit the website: por1sorriso.org🇧🇷 Your collaboration can help restore the joy of smiling to many people.

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